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About Us


Who we are

We believe that medical errors decrease, and the quality of care improves when a RN Patient Advocate participates in the healthcare process. A private Cornerstone RN Patient Advocate is a highly experienced Registered Nurse who educates and informs clients and their families about their current health status, researches and explains treatment options and asks the right questions of your Providers to help you navigate to the best treatment plan. Whether you yourself are facing a health challenge or you’re a member of the “Sandwich Generation” overwhelmed as you try to care for your kids and elderly parents while managing your other full-time responsibilities, we can help restore your peace of mind.

Meet the Team

Karen’s Headshot Final.jpg

Karen Clarke-Mabry | RN, MHPM

Karen, a Registered Nurse with over 27 years of experience, has worked with organizations such as New York Presbyterian Hospital, Stony Brook University Hospital and Northwell Health System. She has a background as a Critical Care Nurse, a hospital-based Nurse Manager, and a Practice Administrator, running private physicians’ offices. Through these experiences she has gained inside knowledge of the complexities of our modern healthcare system and the challenges to obtaining safe and quality care, especially in fast-paced hospital settings. Several years ago, she found herself facing a major medical crisis for the second time in three short years. As she tried to navigate through all the requirements leading up to surgery, Karen found herself feeling overwhelmed and thought that if with all her years of healthcare experience, she felt overwhelmed, how did the average person (newly diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness, or an elderly person with no family nearby, or a family whose loved one was involved in a traumatic accident) manage. In that moment, the idea for Cornerstone RN Patient Advocates was born. When Karen witnessed her own mother almost receive a potentially harmful treatment for a condition that she did NOT have, Karen knew it was time to intervene professionally on the behalf of others. She knows that doctors, nurses, and most healthcare professionals are stretched thin, and more demands are being placed on them daily, but by working alongside them as part of your team and keeping the patient at the center of the care model, the best results can be achieved for you or your loved one.

Marlenyn’s Headshot 1.jpg

Maxlenyn Fabian-Berroa | RN, BSN

Maxlenyn (Marleny) is a proud graduate of Rutgers University School of Nursing. She has over 13 years of nursing experience mainly in Critical Care/ICU areas. Marleny has cared for the sickest patients with cardiac, respiratory, and neurological issues, and knows the complexities and challenges involved in obtaining quality care in today's hectic hospital settings. Passionate does not begin to describe how Marleny feels about delivering superior care to her patients and advocating for them and their families. Throughout her career, she has fearlessly stepped in and spoken up many times to make sure that the right thing was done for patients she was caring for directly and any other patient on her unit. Becoming a Private Patient Advocate was the most fitting next step for her, as it allowed her to combine her vast nursing knowledge with her desire to ensure that patients are receiving the best care possible and are supported throughout their healthcare journey.

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Alexander Mabry | RN, MALS

Alex is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of experience working in ICU, ER, Orthopedic Units and the Recovery Room (PACU). During his years working in an Orthopedic unit, he developed a particular fondness for working with the geriatric population and truly understands the unique needs of the elderly. Safety in their environment and understanding their medication regimen are two key areas that Alex believes in focusing on. He loves to listen to their stories and look at their family photos. Working in the Emergency Department at high level trauma centers has helped him to develop excellent assessment skills and his ICU experience has provided him the opportunity to be a source of comfort to his patients and their families as end-of-life approaches. His ER and ICU experience have also taught him how many illnesses were preventable if the patient and their families had a true understanding of the disease process or had clear communication with their healthcare provider. As a Patient Advocate, he works diligently with his clients to ensure that they are empowered and have a sound understanding of their disease processes and medication regimens.


Free 30-minute phone consultation (No charge). Discussion of basic information, circumstances, and limited history will be taken. Establish preliminary goal of utilizing services. 

Initial consultation - A thorough evaluation is conducted to develop a complete picture of your health and current treatment regimen. The fee for this consultation is $550. After this consultation, if you decide to proceed with our services, a service agreement is initiated, and a retainer fee is charged so that the comprehensive planning work can begin. After your initial consultation with Cornerstone RN Patient Advocates, you will know how our approach and strategy will transform your healthcare experience. 

Assessment Package - Receive 5 hours to determine immediate and long-term medical needs, and medication review. Assessment includes setting healthcare goals and identifying community resources to help meet those goals. This package can be utilized once, or additional services can be added at an hourly or daily rate.

Professional fees for continuing services will be assessed on an hourly, daily or package rate.

Services are not currently covered by insurance.

What we do

Complete an initial comprehensive assessment of your personal situation.

Research and inform you about available treatment options.

Provide you with information to better understand what you are encountering in the healthcare world.

Create a personal plan for you to make informed medical decisions.

Educate you how to advocate for yourself or loved one.

What we don't do

We do not provide legal advice. We do not get involved in litigation.

We do not provide direct care. We do not provide any hands-on care in your home or in a hospital.

We do not take the place of your doctors or healthcare providers. We do not diagnose or prescribe medications.

We do not tell you what to do. We do not make decisions for you.

We do not provide transportation to any appointments.

We do not accept insurance (accepting insurance means that your insurance company will dictate what we can and cannot do, which means we are working for them and not you).

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