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Comforting Hands

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a RN Patient Advocate? What makes you different from the Patient Advocates in the hospital or the Nurse Advocates who call me from my insurance company?
    Cornerstone RN Patient Advocates work for you and you alone. They are highly educated and experienced nurses with no allegiance to a healthcare system or insurance company.
  • Does insurance cover your services? What are the fees?
    Services are not currently covered by insurance Free 30-minute phone consultation (No charge). Discussion of basic information, circumstances, and limited history will be taken. Establish preliminary goal of utilizing services. Request Your Free Consultation Now Initial consultation - A thorough evaluation is conducted to develop a complete picture of your health and current treatment regimen. The fee for this consultation is $550. After this consultation, if you decide to proceed our services, a service agreement is initiated, and a retainer fee is charged so that the comprehensive planning work can begin. After your initial consultation with Cornerstone RN Patient Advocates, you will know how our approach and strategy will transform your healthcare experience. Assessment Package - Receive 5 hours to determine immediate and long-term medical needs, and medication review. Assessment includes setting healthcare goals and identifying community resources to help meet those goals. This package can be utilized once, or additional services can be added at an hourly or daily rate. Professional fees for continuing services will be assessed on an hourly, daily or package rate.
  • How long will I need the services of a RN Patient Advocate?
    The length of service depends on your individual circumstances and overall health goals. The initial consultation is a comprehensive review of your health history and a goal setting session that generally takes one to two hours, after which your Advocate will spend time reviewing your history and developing a plan of care. The complexity of your situation and the scope of your goals will determine the extent of your needs for education and support. Most individuals require two to three hours of professional services following their initial consultation. Individuals with complex acute or chronic illnesses may utilize services on a reoccurring basis with monthly visits to review changes in conditions and treatments. The plan for utilization of the RN Patient Advocate is discussed and mutually agreed upon at the initial consultation and a service agreement is initiated. Your utilization plan will also be discussed at each subsequent meeting and updated accordingly.
  • Do you work with my doctors? Is my doctor going to be upset with me?
    Cornerstone RN Patient Advocates collaborate with other healthcare providers. We work with you and your doctors. We facilitate communication between healthcare providers to ensure there are no gaps in your care. We assist your physician by ensuring you understand proposed treatment plans. This helps decrease your fears and concerns, resulting in greater compliance and better outcomes. Our goal is to enable better outcomes through individualized advocacy. A major objective of our consultation is training you through education to communicate more effectively with your healthcare providers. You should leave your physician appointments confident that you were your best advocate. You need to understand your choices and be prepared to work with your physicians in order to achieve wellness.
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