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Your Nurse in the Family!

Cornerstone RN Patient Advocates educate, empower, and advocate for our clients/patients to help decrease fears and concerns and reach better outcomes. 

Most people learn very quickly how challenging it is to navigate the modern healthcare system. This is especially true without guidance from someone who understands exactly how the system works. We are here to help educate and guide clients and their caregivers so that they can confidently make informed decisions and decrease their stress.

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How we help

We clear up confusion and make complicated information easy to understand. This includes knowing patient rights, qualifying healthcare benefits, available resources, and medical options to obtain the highest level of health care.

Our Services

Acute Illness management/Critical or Traumatic illness management

Chronic Illness management

Medical History Compilation, an important resource for you and your healthcare providers

Accompany you to doctor’s appointments or outpatient procedures

Advocate on your behalf in the hospital setting, if you are admitted

Serve as Health Care Proxy for “Senior Orphans” and those without family living nearby

Review your Medical Records and test reports

Medication Regimen Review, looking for possible drug interactions and side effects

Medication pill-box setup

Facilitate communication between your Medical Professionals

Communicate with your Healthcare Providers on your behalf

Provide referrals to both local and national resources

Speak with your family on your behalf

Assist you and your family in understanding your healthcare odyssey

Prepare for future health care needs/Geriatric Care Management

Provide education to a Community Group, Religious Organization, or a local business

Cornerstone RN Patient Advocates provide in-person services to the Orlando, Florida area including Oviedo, Winter Springs, Chuluota, Winter Park, East Orlando, Geneva, Lake Pickett, Wedgefield and Longwood. We also provide consultations and services via phone and video conferencing.


Check out what our clients have to say


When our mother was rushed to the hospital in September of 2021, we had no idea what was happening. Initially we were told that it was a urinary tract infection and that she simply needed antibiotics and would be fine in a few days. Because none of us live nearby, we enlisted Karen's help to be our boots on the ground. Immediately, based on the symptoms we described, Karen encouraged us to ask for a CT scan because what we were describing did not seem to match the diagnosis. Thankfully we listened and after much insistence, we soon found out that our mother had in fact suffered a stroke. Almost immediately upon learning of the diagnosis, Karen and her Cornerstone team began preparing us for what would take place next. They helped us to identify what mom’s care needs would be and whether we would be able to handle those needs ourselves, in her home or if she would need skilled nursing care. They guided us through her hospitalization, helped us choose a rehab facility and assisted us in making arrangements for homecare. Even now we still rely on the Cornerstone team to make sure that mom's medical needs are met and that her environment is safe. We are forever grateful to them.

Richard M., Davenport, Florida

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Getting Started with

Cornerstone RN Patient Advocates


Request your free 30-minute consultation by calling (407) 338-3200


Discuss your concerns.


Let us assess your situation and develop a plan of action.

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